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Boarding Rates

Boarding Rates
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K-9 Charm Boarding Kennel
Dogs Exercised Several Times Daily
Roomy Suites For All Size Dogs
Climate Controlled for Pets Comfort  (AC/Heated)
Pickup and Delivery Service
Professional Grooming and Dog Training
Reservation By Appointment

Our Boarding rates reflect on our FREE services to your pet. Your pet is in his/her own individual run. Unless with a family pet. This includes feeding the pets regular food provide from home. Dogs are taken out to exercise several times daily. This means they get out to go potty outside , as well as personal one on one care , they are petted , they can run around , we'll even throw the ball for them. This really makes a difference . When brought back inside they are given a special treat. They enjoy Central Air conditioning or Heat for their comfort. As well as music to soothe them.



Our Price List and Polices 2008 (Prices subject to change without notice.)

K-9 Charm is Where Your Pet Doesn’t Have to Beg For Attention!

Dogs :    $20.00* each

2 Dogs: $40.00*  

First 2 Dogs from the same family is $40.00 dollars and Each dog after that is $18.00 * dollars for each dog 


Cats: $10.00*

2 or more cats $9.00* each

Basic Rates: Boarding charges are calculated similar to human hotels; you are charged for a full day the day the pet checks in. If you check out prior to our check out time( 12 Noon  Monday through Saturday) you will not be charged for that day. A full day of boarding charges are due after 12 Noon . Please make an appointment to get your pet. Closed on Sundays and Holidays no excepts

Payment Policy: Payment is due the day your pet(s) check in. We only except Cash or Checks with proper identification. There is a $25.00 dollar fee charged for all returned checks.

Proper shots are required with written proof by Veterinarian(DHLPP, Rabies Bordetella. Without proof of vaccination you will not be allow to board your pet(s). We reserve the right to refuse any pet.

*Pickup & Delivery Service: Pickup $20.00 and Delivery $20.00 ( No Discounts)

Pet owners are charged for *pickup/delivery plus charged a day for boarding no matter what time they are brought back to your home. Usual times are 9:30 a.m. -11:30 a.m. ( Example for one dog , pickup on Friday delivery on Monday $40.00 Plus 4 days * boarding $80.00 plus $40.00= 120.00)

Drop off and Picking up directly to Kennel must make an appointment for times.

Ask about our Grooming and Training!

Hours: Calls taken between

Mon - Fri. 8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Sat. 8:30 a.m.- 12 noon

Closed on Sundays & Holidays no excepts. Please Respect our hours.All reservations by appointment only!!

We can pickup/delivery with our Van.